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Supporting emerging leaders for global change


Imagine a world where billions of global citizens recognise their own leadership potential and work together to find creative and inclusive solutions to local and global challenges.

WYSE International is a charity that works with emerging leaders from all over the planet who are inspired to make the world a better place. 

We provide leadership education and ongoing coaching support that is delivered by highly experienced professionals on a pro bono basis. 

Over 30 years WYSE has worked with thousands of emerging leaders from over 115 countries, supporting them to take their visions into action.

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International Leadership Programme

Our flagship programme, bringing together 30 young people from across the world.

Experience a twelve day leadership development programme with some of the most creative and inspirational people you are ever likely to meet. You'll learn about leadership in ways you never thought and be challenged to experiment with new perspectives informed by a global community. You will explore how you lead yourself, how you can lead through and with others and what sort of difference you want to make in the world. 



December 2020


25th July - 5th August 2021

The programme is delivered by our international team of highly experienced leadership development and education professionals. They provide their services on a pro-bono basis, meaning WYSE can offer full tuition scholarships to all selected participants. Along with the coaching which is offered after the programme, this in kind donation of services from the staff team has been valued at over £7500 per participant.

The final cost to participants is £990 to cover food, accommodation and administration.  As part of our efforts to include as many young leaders as possible from diverse backgrounds, WYSE provides a bursary scheme for those in most need to support the costs of their programme fees.   The bursary scheme is highly competitive and only covers a proportion of the £990 programme fee (normally ranging between 20% and 45% of the programme fee)

We also run an Advanced Leadership Programme for WYSE Alumni.



Our purpose

Why we created WYSE International


Global context

The largest ever generation of young people is now entering into adulthood, inheriting massive challenges but also more opportunities than ever before to connect, cooperate and share their visions of a better world for everyone.

Our vision and approach

We believe a different kind of leadership is needed in the world, one that begins with leaders who take responsibility for leading themselves first, who recognise their unique strengths and who take action that is inspired by their values and sense of purpose.

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Who WYSE is for 

WYSE is designed for people who care about what is happening in the world and feel inspired to do what they can to make a positive contribution. People come from different cultures and professional backgrounds, united in their call to explore how they can become the most effective leader they can be to make a positive difference in their community. Here are some examples.


Alumni stories

Find out about some of our alumni and how they feel WYSE has been useful for them.

Leadership for the Sustainable Development Goals

WYSE’s approach is to invest in individuals who are likely to make a contribution to the world, and help build their capacity to create sustainable and transformational change in their communities. We have worked with hundreds of emerging leaders from over 115 countries, who have gone on to create change at at local, national and international levels, impacting thousands of people. We focus on supporting young people who are committed to lead progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.


Regional Ambassadors

Find out more about the kind of people who attend WYSE programmes by reading about our regional ambassadors who have undertaken WYSE programmes in the past and can be a referral point for any questions you might have. 



Who we are


Programme faculty

Our programmes are staffed by highly experienced professionals from leadership, psychological, educational, creative and business backgrounds who give their time on a pro bono basis.

Leadership and Governance

WYSE International is an internatioanl charity headquartered in London UK, overseen by a Board of Trustees, with operations undertaken by a Leadership team.

About WYSE

Originally formed in 1988, WYSE International has conducted programmes in 17 countries and worked with emerging leaders from over 115 countries.  We are affiliated with the United Nations.



Support our work

If you have a vision to create real change in the world then support our work by investing in the next generation of emerging leaders.

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