About the book

“This book is not a list of tips or short cuts. It does, however, provide a comprehensive guide for developing authentic leadership. So if you’re an emerging or a mature leader, a coaching professional, or one charged with developing curriculum for your organization, this book will help you manage yourself as well as get your team on the same page.

Perhaps you were recruited recently for a leadership role, a job that gave you more responsibility, carried a more prestigious title, or was even a higher pay-grade. At first, the thrill of the new challenge gave you energy and you went for it! Then gradually the notion that there could be more, something deeper, something closer to your core self, faded. This book shows you how to recapture your earlier vision of you at your best and how to become a strong and trusted leader.”

About the author

For over 30 years as an educator, speaker, and coach, David has reached thousands of managers, executives, and organizations with his approach to effective leading. His deepest passion is to prepare leaders for the complexity of their 21st century roles. He draws from his many years of working inside large and small organizations and from his own experiences as a leader.