Over the past 25 years we have worked with young people from more than 115 countries, enabling thousands of emerging leaders to make positive differences in their communities and beyond. We have developed a global network of individuals with the desire, drive and capacity to make a positive impact in the world.

Our alumni return to their communities with lifelong friendships that inspire a sense of global citizenship and cooperation, a deeper understanding of their own leadership potential and a clearer vision and a plan of action of how they want to make a difference in the world. We are affiliated United Nations’ Department of Public Information, and we support the ideals and vision of the UN for a more inclusive and cooperative global community.

If you have a vision to create real change in the world invest in the next generation of emerging leaders by becoming a supporter. The money you give supports us to build a network of values based leaders around the world who can make real changes in their communities.  We attract a massive amount of volunteer support to conduct our work, but for some things we need donations.

Why support WYSE?

There has never been a greater need for the work of WYSE:

  • There are more ‘youth’ than ever before.

  • There is more interaction between different people from different parts of the planet than ever before.

  • We are more aware of things happening around the world than ever before.

  • Together, we face more global challenges than ever before.


Please consider supporting us with a donation. We need your support to make a bigger difference to the causes you care about.


UK bank account holders can set up direct debits via regular giving, and also claim Gift Aid for their donations, for every pound you give, we receive an extra 25 pence from HMRC.


If you feel inspired to make a regular donation that would really help us with our planning.  Donations can be cancelled at any time so if your situation changes you can change your direct debit. People from outside the UK can make credit or debit card donations cost effectively.

Leading from the InsideOUT

Kinds of giving

Regular giving: You can make a regular monthly, per quarter or per annum donation. How much you donate is entirely up to you. Regular monthly donations will help us to plan ahead with confidence.

Once off donation: online or by cheque   (payable to ‘WYSE International, contact us for details)

Payroll giving: If you know your employer has a payroll giving scheme, you can ask for WYSE international to be added to the list of charities that your employer supports. For more information, please get in touch with info@wyse-ngo.org.

Large donations: if you would like to donate to WYSE more than $100 please email info@wyse-ngo.org to arrange a bank transfer (avoiding WYSE paying costly fees).

Thank you for your support. Every donation makes a difference!

for other donation options please contact info@wyse-ngo.org


We are seeking strong partnerships with companies that are aligned with the values of making a positive impact in the world.  Our corporate partners enable us to provide more opportunities to people from developing nations to attend our programmes, which act as enablers, supporting stronger leadership, where it is needed most.

Socially Responsible Organisations tell us they support WYSE because of the:

  • Positive effect on company morale;

  • Increased staff motivation because they feel like they've helped someone and made a difference;

  • Ability to provide strategic support for a young leader in a community that is important for the company;

  • Focus on charitable company activities and corporate social responsibility;

  • Alignment between company values and the values of WYSE.

Our company is committed to supporting WYSE and it’s mission to help young leaders make a difference in their communities. Our whole company is involved and it is inspiring for us all that we are supporting young people who are making such a significant difference in leading others to make this world a better place.
— Corporate Partner

Join our corporate sponsorship scheme - become a Global Changemaker Corporate Partner

Companies can opt to support someone from their own company to attend a WYSE International Leadership Programme and at the same time sponsor up to 6 people from a disadvantaged background to attend.

For more information about how your company can get involved with WYSE and start supporting young leaders to create positive change in the world - and through that support - infuse your company with the positive stories of their success, please contact us at hilary@wyse-ngo.org.

Click here for a copy of the Global Changemaker Corporate Partner information pack, and please contact us if you feel inspired to be involved.

Other ways to help

Sponsored Event

You might want to make WYSE the beneficiary of your sponsored event.  In the past people have run marathons, climbed mountains, travelled across continents, hosted dinners, organised 'Creativity Nights' and auctions...the list goes on! For more information, or to run an idea past us, contact info@wyse-ngo.org

Legacy Scheme

We've had many people, young and old alike, who have expressed a wish to include WYSE in their financial planning.  If you would like to speak to us about supporting WYSE in your will, please contact the International Office on +44(0)207 435 7735 or e-mail info@wyse-ngo.org.

Gifts in Kind

Perhaps rather than giving a donation, you are able to offer us gifts in kind in the form of products or services.  From Nutella to writing materials, computer equipment to rucksacks, train fares to airfares - whatever you've got that might help our programmes - we'd be interested in talking to you.  Or maybe you have the time to offer a service or a skill to WYSE - web-design, fundraising, I.T support...please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! info@wyse-ngo.org

If there is another way you feel you might be able to help us to support more young leaders to make a contribution in their communities then please get in touch. Please contact the International Office on +44 7850 764327 or e-mail info@wyse-ngo.org

How is my money used?

Funds donated to WYSE International are used primarily to support participants to attend our educational programmes.

Our leadership programmes are staffed by a dedicated body of professionals who give their time on a voluntary basis. We are therefore in the fortunate position to carry very low operating costs.  For every International Leadership Programme we conduct, we attract over £80,000 worth of volunteer time.

Your donation will:

  • Increase the number of participants who can participate

  • Help us to find the most promising and talented young people to participate, regardless of socio-economic status

  • Increase the number of participants from developing countries

  • Run more programmes in different parts of the world

We are aware that some people may want to be more specific in how their donations are used.  Some of you may want to support a specific geographic region or country, while others may want to support a specific age group or programme.

Here's how some people have allocated their donations in the past:

  • Sponsored a participant or participants from a particular country

  • Sponsored one of our specific programmes

  • Sponsored volunteer staff travel/accommodation costs

We are committed to making sure that your money is used in the way that you want it to be used. If you want to specify your donation please contact info@wyse-ngo.org