Andrea Cardillo

Nationality:   Italian   Living in:   Florence / Naples   Programmes:   ILP 2004, ILP 2005, Helper 2009, Staff 2010 ongoing

Nationality: Italian
Living in: Florence / Naples
Programmes: ILP 2004, ILP 2005, Helper 2009, Staff 2010 ongoing

Leadership can be a challenging concept to define and a challenging attitude to develop. Things get even more challenging when you have to measure the impact that growing as a leader can have on your life and the people around you. Even after so many years have passed since my first programme, I can still see the 'long wave' generated on my personal and professional life by that experience.

When life gets more tough or I have a hard time, I feel the need to reconnect with my experience in Lucca, with the community of my worldwide WYSE friends and with that sense of positive and concrete trust in the future.

Another way to get back in touch with that inspiration again, is to go back to the stories of some of the participants that have, like me, been to the programmes over the last years. I am pleased to share with you some of the quotes from the Follow Up forms of the St Briavels – Taking Vision to Action participants. My wish for you is that they will act as energizers, supporting us all to think about the impact of consciously using will to make a positive contribution!

John Cummings