Natia Peradze

Living in:   Georgia   Programmes:   WYSE ILP in 2006 and WYSE Advanced ILP in 2009

Living in: Georgia
Programmes: WYSE ILP in 2006 and WYSE Advanced ILP in 2009

I have attended WYSE ILP in 2006 and WYSE Advanced ILP in 2009. Sounds like two simple facts, however it affected my life more than anything else in my past.

These two trainings were the experience I am never able to put into words. When I am trying to reflect my emotions, I just end up being quiet with my eyes wide open and shining.

I cannot say WYSE gave me answers to all my questions. On the contrary, I think WYSE rewarded my mind with even more questions. And I believe that is even more precious. No, life did not get easier or simpler. And I do not want it to be easier.

Constantly being in touch with sources of inspiration is my secret of happiness. Sources can be different for different people: one might believe inspiration is a great book, or heavy-metal music. For me, inspiration is an ability to communicate with interesting people (especially with you, WYSErs!) and at the same time finding time to be idle is not less important.

We grow, we listen, we face problems and we overcome them. That's life, and we are blessed.

If any of you ever come to Georgia, come visit me. I will greet you: "Hi, I am WYSE-er, and I am trying to make this world a better place!"

John Cummings