Lisa Alshibaya

Nationality:   German   Living in:   Miami    , USA   Programmes:   ILP 2013, ALP 2014

Nationality: German
Living in: Miami, USA
Programmes: ILP 2013, ALP 2014

What country are you from and where do you live?
I'm from Germany. Until recently I lived in London, England, but I have now moved to Miami to expand my business.

How did you hear about WYSE?
I heard about WYSE from my former employers.

How has attending the WYSE ILP and/or ALP affected your life?
Attending both of the WYSE programmes was a profound experience, which had a huge impact on me. It made me better able to reflect on myself, be aware of who I am, what my fears and needs are, and most importantly where I want to go and what I want from my life.I understood the mind-set I needed in order to get to where I want to be, and how to create an environment for myself where using this mind-set was possible. Although, it's an on-going process which takes months, or even years, I feel that I constantly come closer to being the person I want to be and living the life I aspire to.

What did you enjoy most about your programme?
I enjoyed the combination of everything. The structure of the programme, the amazing coaches, the quality and depth of the programme content, the other participants from around the world plus the setting of the amazing Villa Boccella.

Do you remain in contact with other participants?
Yes, via our Whatsapp group, email and in real life. Recently one Whatsapp group reminded me that although we are all far apart, we are always in eachother's hearts.


Do you use some of the WYSE learnings in your everyday life?
Yes. I believe that this experience is reflected in everything I do and think.

Anything else you would like to share with the WYSE community?
I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in those programmes, probably the best investment I ever made.

John Cummings