Eva Wartner

Nationality:   German   Living in:   Germany   Programmes:   ILP 2012

Nationality: German
Living in: Germany
Programmes: ILP 2012

My name is Eva and I'm a doctor from Germany. I volunteer in an initiative called "Medizin und Menschlichkeit" which roughly translates to "Medicine and Humanness". At the core of our vision is the focus on the human being – cultivating compassionate, authentic and empowering relationships with our patients, each other and with ourselves – and through that, to inspire students and young doctors to become change agents for a better and more humane medicine of tomorrow. 

My personal vision is very much aligned to this – I doubt that I'm always and exclusively going to be a medical doctor – my feeling is that my mission in this world transcends that. My intuition is that it rather has a lot to do with integrating different elements of healing and personal development in order to create something new..

I took part in WYSE 3 months ago with three colleagues. It was an awesome and profound experience! Not only meet the most wonderful, inspiring people from all over the world, but also discovered myself in ways that I have never before. Such a booster! 

After a few extra days in Italy after the programme with some lovely WYSE buddies, I came back home to Munich. What has happened since then and what I noticed about myself... My initiative held two workshops on Visions in Medicine within five weeks, one in Germany, the other in Florence. Great stuff! 

Having learnt that I'm a leader and about my personal leadership style, I felt much more comfortable with taking responsibilities in organizing and holding these workshops. I felt an openness, curiosity and confidence in this process, unfolding through group intelligence and the power of collaboration. I felt a stronger sense of connectedness and group passion about a common cause. Wow!!! 

These phenomena are continuing to evolve, and I am learning so much. An unexpected learning is about respecting my own limitations and those of others - and of finding balance in the way I live my life. Carving out my core values at WYSE is obviously having its effects.

Meeting so many different people from different cultures on so many different levels has definitely turned me into a more extrovert person, allowing my relationships with people to become more fulfilling.

WYSE has helped me further discover and appreciate my strengths and talents, which I am beginning to realize how to express in the world.

"Medizin und Menschlichkeit" seems like the perfect place for me to be and give my gifts. I am excited about where this ship is steering, excited about inspiring more and more people, excited about unlocking my full potential. I have a strange sense of trust and positive confidence in an uncertain future.

Thank you so much for happening at the right time in my life, WYSE =)

Medizin und Menschlichkeit is a partner of WYSE.

John Cummings