Increasing the impact of WYSE alumni

Graduates return with a leadership resource to help other young people back in their community 

WYSE Leadership Conversations are a series of discussion guides designed to enable groups to explore the concept of leadership within the contexts of global and local challenges. They provide a forum where participants can share their personal understanding and wisdom through discussion. They are for anyone with an interest in actively working with the challenge of leadership in modern society. 

The conversations are led and facilitated by WYSE alumni, and are aimed at supporting anyone with an interest in actively working with the challenge of leadership in modern society. These conversations have been designed in collaboration with graduates of the WYSE International Leadership Programme as a way of widening the impact of their participation in the programme through continuing to explore leadership with their local community. They can be adapted to suit all age groups and have been delivered in schools, youth groups, and workplaces.

The series consists of four Core sessions (each lasting approximately two hours), supported by flexible Topic sessions which can be tailored to suit group interests.

  • Core Session 1: Creating a Learning Community
  • Core Session 2: Exploring Leadership 
  • Core Session 3: Leadership and Values
  • Topic Sessions: Topics of your choice e.g human rights, gender diversity, climate change
  • Core Session 4: Closing 

If you are WYSE alumni and would like to run a WYSE Leadership Conversations series please contact

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Leadership Conversations: Cambodia

"The most beautiful moments in our life are born out of love and belief. A year ago, Reach and I dreamt together... none of us knew exactly what, how, when or where, but we knew it was possible. We have just completed a full week workshop - WYSE Conversations on Leadership with 2 groups of Cambodian young leaders! Proud of them and the future they just started to build 🙂 thank you WYSE for bringing inspiration to our life."

September 2017: Fellow WYSE ILP alumni Sovannareach (Cambodia) & Maria (Spain) colalborate to run WYSE Leadership Conversations with 45 young people in Phnom Pheng, Cambodia to support local young people.