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Dr Andrew McDowell

Andrew was trained as a psychologist in Australia where he undertook clinical, research and educational roles in his capactiy as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Psychiatry. Andrew has a vast experience of international education and leadership development and has undertaken many international consultancies for WYSE and other organisations. Andrew has been working with WYSE as a principal trainer since 1992. Previously a Director of WYSE Australia, Andrew moved to the UK in 2002 when he was invited to oversee the overall functioning and strategic development of the international WYSE organisation. He now assumes responsibility for curriculum and programme development; international programmes; trainer and staff development; and United Nations related activities.


Sam Adcock

Sam is trained in education and management. In addition to her work with WYSE, she is currently the Head Teacher of an inner London school where over 30 languages are spoken. Her interests in education incorporate diversity and transcultural education and she also undertakes leadership consultancies with other educational organisations. Sam was also previously a Director of WYSE in Australia and has been a trainer for WYSE since 1994. Sam's responsibilities for WYSE involve the overseeing of administration and finances; curriculum development and organisational development.

Leadership Team

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Hilary Harvey

Hilary Harvey is a leadership development consultant and executive coach with a background spanning the private, public and non-profit sectors. She has been involved with WYSE since 2006 and is part of the core programme faculty as well as being a member of the leadership team. Hilary is interested in helping people connect with their best self so that they can express their leadership with impact that creates real and lasting change.


Emma Rees

Emma is a social justice campaigner. Having worked as a teacher and in youth work for a decade, she went on to co-found Momentum, the people-powered, grassroots movement working to transform Britain in the interests of the many. She now works with progressive causes and campaigns in the UK and internationally, helping them to organise at scale and empower large numbers of people to participate in the political process.


Marta Padeira

Marta works in a global consulting firm focused on sustainability in meetings & events worldwide. She attended WYSE ILP in 2017 and has been supporting the program since then. Marta has been involved with foundations/NGOs since an early age with the main focus on education & processes efficiency. She is passionate about empowering people to bring their best leader out to the world with the hope of a new type of leadership in our society.

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John Cummings

John works in open education, especially Wikipedia, he works as Wikimedian in residence at UNESCO and had previously worked at the Natural History Museum and Science Museum in London and organised Wikimania, the annual worldwide Wikipedia conference. John attended his first WYSE programme in 2008 and has been involved ever since, he is interested in finding ways of sharing what WYSE does with much larger groups of people and connecting emerging leaders online.


Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk

Maarten is a Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics at the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. He carries out fundamental research on buoyancy driven turbulent flows using supercomputers, with applications in the natural ventilation of buildings, oceanography and the atmospheric sciences. Maarten supports WYSE's vision of fostering and connecting young leaders, and believes that its innovative lecture model can be a true catalyst for change. Maarten has attended several programs, both as participant and as staff, is a UN representative and is responsible for WYSE's ICT infrastructure.

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Gabriela Gonçalves Ferreira

Gabi currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal and works with Human Resources and it is a writer. She writes about what it is alive in her soul and about the journey of being more aware of the world around and inside us. She participated in the WYSE International Leadership Programme in Brazil in 2012, and has been an active member of the alumni network since then, including helping to organise subsequent ILPs as part of the WYSE Brasil team. Gabi feels that every young person has a bright light inside of themselves although sometimes they are not aware of it, and WYSE can help each amazing young person to connect with their inner light and discover ways share this with the world


Verônica Mendonça

My name is Verônica and I am an enthusiast about meaningful work. I have been taking part in the area of human rights in social projects aimed at youth since 2010. I didn't know back then but this work is taking me far on the journey to my purpose: to support life, celebrate people and vice-versa. I am passionate about WYSE because the International Leadership Programme gave me the chance to discover who I was born to be and also it gave me the tools to work towards it. The most important part of it to me is the community we create. Now, I would love to support other people on their journey.

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Pia Brennen

Pia is a Qualified Personal Assistant with vast experience in the Sports Industry where she was an Executive Assistant and responsible for logistics and hospitality at many major sporting events. She then became a Music Rights Manager which involved music clearance for film and TV, including music reporting on the Summer and Winter Olympics. In January 2018, Pia became the Virtual Administrator at WYSE. She is responsible for the WYSE administration and looks forward to receiving your application and guiding you through the process should you wish to apply for one of the WYSE Programmes.


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Charles Brook

Charles is the founder and Senior Partner of TPC Leadership and is one of Europe's leading executive coaches. Charles has a passion for enabling leaders to develop their unique and most impactful leadership style; for helping people be more creative with their thinking; and to deliver on tough business issues that create breakthroughs in performance. Charles has been a trustee since 2009 and is also a member of the faculty team. Charles has taken on the role of Chair of the Trustess in October 2017.

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John Frost

John is Managing Director of Values Based Leadership. John works with clients to design and deliver tailor made leadership development solutions that support their organisational strategic intent. John has worked with Senior Executives in global organisations since 1994 to enable them to develop their leadership style and impact and lead significant cultural change in their organisations. He is an experienced coach and mentor to Senior Executives and has worked across numerous business sectors. John is currently delivering leadership development programmes for Global clients in Europe, North America and Asia and has extensive knowledge of working with cross-cultural leadership groups.


Alan Tattersall

Alan brings a wealth of business experience to the WYSE gained in a progressive career in Financial Services, Utilities and the Internet. He has held a number of senior positions and was CEO of until its sale in 2009. He currently runs his own business advisory company helping SMEs and new start-ups grow and realise their full potential. Alan joined WYSE because he believes that helping young people develop strong leadership skills and wider business skills is the key to future success.


Carolyn Askar

Carolyn Jennifer Askar (L.R.A.M.) holds various qualifications in educational drama, teaching and performance from the Royal Academy of Music, London University and Central School of speech and Drama. She has published six poetry collections and is also a performance poet and children’s writer, and has been involved with WYSE since its inception. becoming a trustee in 2004.


Hugh Lee Askar

Hugh Lee Askar has a BSc. from MIT in aeronautical engineering and worked for Boeing for four years. Subsequently he was, for 30 years, managing director of a private property development company, which also operated a group of seven hotels. He has been a trustee of WYSE international for the last twenty years and is currently the chairman of the board of trustees.