Reza Kavosh

Nationality:   Iranian   Living in:   Shiraz, Iran   Programmes:   ILP Italy 201 0

Nationality: Iranian
Living in: Shiraz, Iran
Programmes: ILP Italy 2010

“When you become a leader, success is about growing others.”

I was doing my M.A in Peace, Conflict, and development studies in UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for peace in Universidad Jaume in Spain when I came to know about the WYSE leadership program in Italy. As I was very passionate to participate in a course on leadership, I applied and was lucky to be selected as one of the participants of WYSE ILP in 2010.

When I started the program, I realized that it was very different from other education I had experienced in my life. It is not merely an academic or practical course to help you to develop your leadership skills. It is a program, which helps you to know about yourself, your capacities, and your place in the diverse world. It helps you to choose your direction in life and the way you would like to establish your relationship with yourself, with others, with the world, and with the nature.

After my master degree and with the vision that I gained from WYSE, I went back to Iran and started to work in the Islamic World Peace Forum as director of the youth department - where I worked with youth to address the problems of our society. As WYSE enlightened me about doing volunteering for the good of the world, I have been dedicating my time and happy participating in volunteer activities.   

One of the important lessons I learnt about myself is how capable we are after WYSE, I started to use and appreciate my new abilities. Since WYSE I have participated in more than 15 international conferences and workshops around the world and talked about youth, conflict resolution through religious diplomacy, etc. 

In line with WYSE principles, I believe we have a mission to empower others. Since January 2013 I have been working with United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees in Iran. I worked in their Shiraz office as a Field Assistant and am responsible for the livelihood of Afghan and Iraqi refugees in five provinces in Iran. Besides that, I am special advisor to Dr. Bawa Jain - the Secretary General of the World Council of Religious Leaders of Millennium World Peace Summit. 

The other participants of 2010 WYSE program, are so fantastic and we have been in regular contact with each other. I would love to have more wise friends, so do not hesitate to drop me a message if you believe that we all as youth should help each other and make the world better place to live. My email address is

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