Eisha Roy

Nationality:   Indian   Living in:   New Delhi, India   Programmes:   ILP 2014

Nationality: Indian
Living in: New Delhi, India
Programmes: ILP 2014

I'm 19 years old and I started working in the development sector at the age of 15. It was my passion to make a difference knowing that my spiritual self is limitless. I came to WYSE at a point in my life when I was in the middle of helping to build a free hospital for 35,000 inhabitants of an Island who have no access to healthcare, electricity and safe drinking water. I had become so action-driven after being affected by the state of the people in the rural areas of India, that amidst building the hospital, teaching in a slum dwelling, going to an orphanage and attending college- I had forgotten who I really was and why I was doing this.

WYSE gave me a much clearer perspective towards my goals and life, as well as helped me understand the importance of striking a balance between doing and being. The first day it was an unknown continent, unknown country, unknown city with unknown people at an unknown home. Within a couple of days, I struck a chord with everyone and I knew I'd found a home away from home. It took just 12 days to form bonds larger than life itself. When I look back, I think about how these 12 days have etched my heart and how I will carry this life changing experience with me for the rest of my life.

My journey at WYSE was nothing short of brilliant. It helped me sharpen my focus towards my goals and restored my faith in humanity. I've been working for gender rights since I was 15 and this journey showed me how there are people across continents who are working for different causes with greater passion. The common theme amongst us was that everyone had steel in their eyes and all of us are determined to make a change. I am inspired by the passion exhibited by the coaches and the participants. It was a journey where I learnt a lot about myself and how I can use my skills to make a positive difference in the world. To unfold oneself and then to create a positive impact!

I am a global citizen, as are the other participants and we are globally connected regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or any such trivial inhibitions. Ideas, thoughts and actions have a new profound meaning for all of us.

I've written a small poem to summarise my journey from India to WYSE.

From a caterpillar to a butterfly

A weave of the rainy patch
With no rainbow on my head

I tread the path of bold
In the lilt of a grapple

So sweet and enamouring
I quite not know how to describe

Streaks of passion and inspiration which play
Had left me speechless

When the swivel intensified
Something was touching my heart
Did you pinch the veins
You once had strummed with your hands?

I crooned in a voice unknown-
of a strong and independent woman
Did you hear its lore of yearning
Filling the shadow with the light it never had!

Eisha Roy

John Cummings