Amie-Jade Cramp

Nationality: Australian
Living in: Adelaide, Australia
Programmes: ILP 2006

Since my time in Lucca Italy I have continued to work in project and event management, community and youth development in various capacities as well as completing my studies in Social Science majoring.

For the past 3 years I have been working as a Community Development Officer –Youth with local government where I have a focus on using art, recreation, music and leadership in a strengths based approach to work towards developing cohesive and connected communities. 

I am passionate about strengthening local youth voice, communities support for young people, encouraging people to actively participate in their local community and to influence decisions that affect their lives. I have also spent time volunteering and working on various local, state and national leadership initiatives since WYSE. 

I have been fortunate to travel and explore some of our amazing world including Europe, UK, and a couple of years ago spent significant time in South America volunteering with a charity in Bolivia and a social enterprise project in Ecuador. I am about to embark on a 3 month adventure with my husband throughout Europe/UK and also Africa and I couldn’t be more excited!!

Another significant moment was marrying the most incredible man Joshua, we recently celebrated 2 years of marriage and it’s an absolute joy doing life together. When I think back to my time in Lucca, Italy I smile. I can hear the voice of Vincenzo calling out saying the iced tea and cheese or the wood fired pizzas are ready… Delizioso!! 

I was young, bright eyed, had never left Australia and was somewhat naïve to the world, its people, challenges and strengths. WYSE showed me a richness, strength, diversity and importance of the impact that one person, one community, one common goal can have. 

It was a time to reflect, learn, share and grow individually and together with others that once were strangers, quickly became friends and now hold a very special place in my heart. 

Wyse activated a love of travelling, an appreciation for cultures, deeper love for my country and also a deeper desire for community development, connection and servant leadership. I attended WYSE at the age of 20 and had never left Australia. 

It was a big step to head OS, not knowing anyone and not really knowing what to expect. The quickly formed community made up of diverse representation of participants including nationality, socio-economic, faith/religious belief, career and language quickly became my world where I was challenged, inspired, pushed out of my comfort zone and encouraged. 

To this day I still am blown away at the opportunity WYSE provided me to think deeper, bigger and better. It gave me tools to reflect on myself, my community, the world and to turn dreams about the impact we can all have no matter how big or small into realities. 

I am SO thankful for how this experience still impacts the way I think and live to this day. 

Thank you to you wonderful people who contributed to this!! 

John Cummings