Impressions of the 2014 ALP

Belen Romero, Mirna Folco and Thomas Siggaard Andersen, participants from the Advanced Leadership Programme in October, share their thoughts on the programme.



Going to a WYSE programme could be thought of as going to a restaurant. The kind of restaurant someone recommends to you with a lovely looking menu of a cuisine you've never tried before. You realise that the aperitif had already begun before you even enter the restaurant. The starter, the ILP (International Leadership Programme), is a smörgåsbord of new and surprising flavours. The ALP is the main course that follows whenever one is ready for it. It is presented with a lot of care and you get to enjoy a harmonious mix that enhances all the flavours from the starter. You become so intrigued by the taste sensations that all you want to do is go to the kitchen to cook yourself. And finally, the dessert is the lasting aftertaste of all the sweet goodness that is WYSE.

From 26th October to 1st November 2014 the ALP (Advanced Leadership Program) took place at the Villa Boccella near Lucca (Italy). We had the pleasure of a rich variety of participants and staff from more than 18 different countries. The group consisted of 25 participants and 11 staff from the WYSE Team. 

As with the ILP, the ALP is a life changing experience. It was apparent from the beginning that regardless of when or where the participant attended the ILP, everyone was able to connect with him/herself and with the community just created. 

The WYSE ways of working from the ILP were very present in each of us. This generated a resonance that enabled the creation of a strongly connected community and a safe environment that allowed us to express ourselves, share our thoughts and find inspiration, curiosity and wonder.

Every participant had different reasons for going to the ALP. For some, it was the intuition that it would be good for them. For others, the ALP was part of a larger strategy. All of us wanted to reconnect with the WYSE community, learn about Will and to begin our journeys towards mastering it.

Villa Boccella once again became a space of experiential learning that gave us the opportunity to explore our Will in different settings. We took the opportunity to learn, increase our mindfulness, discover areas of growth and reconnect with our strengths. We feel more aware of our Will, more aligned with ourselves and our values and clearer about how to make our contributions to our local communities and the world. 

We are once again thankful to all at WYSE for making this programme so successful. 

John Cummings