Impressions of the ALP in Italy 2012

In October, we organised an Advanced Leadership Programme in Chiusi, Italy. Fifteen amazing people participated in the programme from countries as varied as Italy, Brazil, Armenia, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Holland, Indonesia, Israel and Sweden.


During the programme, we built on the themes of the ILP with a particular focus on how we as leaders make manifest our visions and put them into action. The time we spent was inspiring, as we focussed on how we as leaders can make conscious and responsible choices.

Some of the aspects that we explored include:

  • Understanding our leadership capacity, abilities, style and the ability to impact and attract resources
  • Generating an understanding of empathic leadership
  • Working with the stress and challenge of ambiguity and uncertainty and how to use this learning as an experiment for further insight
  • Self confidence in being able to lead in our own unique style
“I could release from the culture and thinking of Japan, I thought more deeper, and I was able to stare at myself. I feel I could exceed the wall, and I was able to unlock the door in myself, what it had been locked within me”
— Keiko
“the main one is how huge the role of will in the life of human beings is... since the program I started to review all my life in terms of will or lack of it... Amazing!!!”
— Enrico
“That we all have will and we can individually control how much will we express and utilize within our lives”
— Hyat

Stella's experience

"I am exceptional, special..." was the sentence I read as I opened my journal. This was the feeling the ALP gave me, at the same time preventing me from being arrogant. WYSE helped me to find my gift of love, and the feelings I foster from the ILP always fill my heart with warmth and light. It is amazing to meet so many exceptional and special people in one place.

WYSE in my daily life, work and studies turned out to be as substantial as a stick for a blind man. It leads me everywhere – in every good or bad situation. With the help of my WYSE family I learnt to live the life I was seeking for before. Unlike many programs, it didn't just happen and pass as quickly as it came. WYSE left a trace of appreciation in my life, it showed me the way to create a better tomorrow and the vision to help people to experience WYSE.

As a matter of fact, when people begin to make new acquaintances they share their past experience. I realise that I speak about my WYSE experience more and more trying to explain what the programmes mean for me and how they can benefit others.

To end with, I'd like to give a practical example of how WYSE helps me in my daily life. After the ALP I came back home full of emotions and positive energy. I then had problem and with patience and the tools taken from WYSE I SOLVED IT. I moved to another country and with the WYSE treasures the process of adaptation was very smooth. Now I am happy and I know that a part of this happiness originates from the WYSE programmes. As a result, I appreciate what I have and feel confident that better things are always there for me. WYSE is really wise.

John Cummings