Our first EU-sponsored programme a big success


The International Leadership Programme "Taking Vision to Action" was the first WYSE project to be funded by the EU programme Youth in Action.

The programme took place in September 2011 and brought together 27 amazing participants from 10 different countries. An inspiring and supportive learning environment was created in which the participants explored their potential as leaders and transformed their visions in concrete action plans and projects.

Still now, the community is very active and the participants are daily strengthening their network while exchanging experiences, ideas and best practices and developing new projects together!

This is what Suzan Salem, a participant from Egypt, wrote about her experience.

“During the last days of this unforgettable workshop, we were asked to reflect on what we have gained from the experience, thinking of and reliving the exercises, every brilliant facilitator and every inspiring participant I met on the workshop, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude, hope and love.

Gratitude, for how the program was designed for us; to feel like time stops for us to step on the shoulders of giants and see the world from the eye of possibility, possibility for ourselves and for the world we share.

Hope; I’ve learned that change starts within everyone of us before any external symptoms start to blossom, so I’m full of hope to start with myself and stand for a mindset of hope to work for the change we want to see, with one small action at a time, then unto others, one person at a time, in childlike hope that change will happen.

Love, to my new global family, the small version of the world we created of sincere love, support and acceptance. This is a beautiful place to live from now onwards, quoting a fascinating person, ‘’now my family is all over the world’’ that’s how I felt, that now the world is my family.”

Participating organisations

Taking Vision to Action was developed by WYSE international in partnership with 13 not-for-profit organizations from 11 European and Neighbouring Countries:

  1. Armenia (Youth Bridges Armenia)
  2. Azerbaijan (Association of UN Interns),
  3. Egypt (MasterPeace),
  4. Germany (Medizin und Menschlichkeit),
  5. Italy (PAWA, MuovimenteWYSE Italia)
  6. Lebanon (UN Youth Association of Lebanon)
  7. Morocco (Amal Sale Association)
  8. Netherlands (Locomotive Organization)
  9. Romania (ASPSE)
  10. Serbia (Center8)
  11. United Kingdom (Children Our Ultimate Investment)
John Cummings