In this final mailshot we take a moment to reflect on one of the most important aspects of making changes and reaching goals, Celebration!


Making changes in your life, your society or the world at large is not something that happens overnight. It requires determination and persistence. It requires resilience to deal with disappointment and pick yourself up again. It requires being gentle on yourself if things don't work out as you planned. The things that keep us going are the small successes we make along the way. These need to be celebrated and given the importance they deserve, even if they are small.

Connect to the programme

Think back to the Passion Night during the program.

  1. What did you chose to express - why?

  2. How did it feel to celebrate a passion?

10/10/10 – Doing, Reflecting, Connecting

Doing: Take some time to identify something that you have recently accomplished, or a task that you have finished. Now, celebrate! This may mean taking time to relax and basking in the feeling of accomplishment, sharing your achievement with a friend, going out for a special treat.....whatever you do, do it in the spirit of celebration!


  • What does celebrating mean to you?

  • How did you choose to celebrate and why?

  • How did you feel about celebrating?

  • How can you use celebration to enhance other aspects of your life?

Connecting: Share how you celebrated with your homegroup on your Facebook page. Discuss the ways you celebrated and compare with the others.


Celebration is about creating a space to recognise achievements – no matter how small. Effective leaders are able to recognize the diversity of gifts and talents, both within others and others. We hope you have enjoyed engaging with this series of mailshots. For many, completing the WYSE ILP program represents just one element of their continuing work to become leaders in the world. We hope that the tools and resources reviewed here and on the program support you in continuing to develop your leadership potential - whatever this means for you! GOOD LUCK!