Johnny El-Hage


Beirut, Lebanon

I am an event planner in profession, with passion for theater, with interest in discovery, with a trait of curiosity, with attention to blogging, with a drive for entrepreneurship, and with a duty for social activism. I am a dreamer. I am a doer.

I work at the American University of Beirut, and live in Beirut, Lebanon. I travelled to many countries. I belong to a world that has been altered and distorted; a world full of chaos, corruption, injustice and negativity. I belong to a world that needs to be changed.

In 2011, I discovered WYSE and took part in the "International Leadership Program". I discovered myself, revisited my senses, my values, my skills, and my goals. I changed the way I perceived life and the world. I strongly believe in WYSE values and knowledge, and I feel the need, urge, and desire to spread them to others.

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