William Wardlaw Rogers


London, United Kingdom

I am a better man for the time and space WYSE held for me during a point of transition. 'True Story' I founded to support the expression of 'Creative Social Responsibility' by individuals and organisations.

As a 'Narrative Designer' I seek to author stories that create social impact and identify the stories that have authored social systems. The story of WYSE is of authentic experiences that allow individuals to synthesize their identity and acknowledge themselves as authors of society. William Wardlaw Rogers pulled himself together at WYSE and is an Author.

I am passionate about who I am. I am passionate about what I currently do. WYSE gave me permission to feel that passion and express my Creative Social Responsibility – As an Ambassador I bring that understanding of WYSE to my region. It has been my privilege to be WYSE and increase the time and space I spend in authentic experiences with other individuals and organisations.

It is a continuing privilege to invite people into that understanding

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