Luzabelle Hounsome


New Zealand

I Live in Bristol, UK but am originally from Auckland, NZ.  I currently work as an Associate in Public Sector Pensions (but no, you can not ask me about your pension!)  My love of working with young people came about in high school and from this time I was involved in many different youth programmes.  I have participated in the Ship for World Youth 17 Programme as part of the NZ delegation and when in my home county I work at Youthline which is a Youth helpline, counselling, support and youth development service. I attend WYSE ILP in 2006 and ALP in 2010 and in my role as ambassador, am hoping to get more people attending this brilliant programme from any part of the world I can!  WYSE has been such a crucial part of my journey and I feel it is such a unique programme that should be shared with all of those who strive for something (even if they don't know what it is yet!)

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