Lerato Kossie


Cape Town, South Africa

Participated in the Activate Change Driver programme in 2015. With the vast experience in outdoor experiential education and environmental awareness. I started facilitation in 1998 working in the Child care work field, working with Social Workers, Child Care workers and probation officers teaching them how to use the circle of courage methodology and Individual Development Plan when working with youth at risk.

I have also facilitated Educo international programmes, also have participated in Wold Youth Service and Entrepreneur in Italy Pissa, Lucca, I have also participated in the Training for Transformation programme in Grail Centre, I also attended Youth Service Programme (YSP) that was funded by Umsobomvu Youth Funds. I am passionately working with young people because I believe that in each and every young person lies a potential. I always believe that, everything is possible in an impossible way when I am working with the youth.

I am currently working for Activate! Change Drivers programme in a Training Management Team and relief facilitator. 

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