Increasing access to global leadership education through our bursaries programme

The programme is delivered by our international team of highly experienced leadership development and education professionals. They provide their services on a pro-bono basis, meaning WYSE can offer full tuition scholarships to all selected participants. Along with the coaching which is offered after the programme, this in kind donation of services from the staff team has been valued at over £7500 per participant.

The final cost to participants is £990 to cover food, accommodation and administration.  As part of our efforts to include as many young leaders as possible from diverse backgrounds, WYSE provides a bursary scheme for those in most need to support the costs of their programme fees.   The bursary scheme is highly competitive and only covers a proportion of the £990 programme fee (normally ranging between 20% and 45% of the programme fee)

As part of our efforts to include as many young leaders as possible from diverse backgrounds, WYSE provides a bursary for those in most need to support their costs in attending the programme.

Hardship bursaries to support economically disadvantaged emerging leaders

As part of our efforts to include young people from diverse backgrounds, WYSE also conducts an additional bursary scheme for its international programmes, to cover food and accommodation costs. As our programmes are heavily over-subscribed, the bursary scheme is competitive and only covers a proportion of the programme fee.  Priority will be given to those who can demonstrate:

  • A true commitment to making a significant impact in their own communities
  • Economic hardship
  • Efforts and success in raising funds, for example by sponsorship from their own governments or educational bodies, as well as from private businesses and industry where appropriate

We are not able to cover the costs of travel under any circumstances. Exceptional candidates are invited to contact the programme administrator to request a bursary application as part of their application to the International Leadership Programme.

Bursaries to our 2018 Programmes

Bursary applicants will be expected to undertake a social impact project within 6 months of completing the International Leadership Programme, and will be supported to do this through the Alumni Coaching Programme. Beneficiaries of the Hardship Bursary are expected to provide evidence of their project and the social benefit they have contributed once their project has been completed.

Bursary Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I apply for a bursary?

Answer: Please request a bursary application from the Programme Administrator

Question: How are decisions about bursaries made?

Answer: A panel of the leadership team of each International Leadership Programme reviews each bursary application and bursaries are awarded on the basis of need, and the extent to which applicants are able to demonstrate their current social impact and the future change they wish to lead in their community.

Question: Will you offer a 100% Hardship Bursary - i.e. offer the whole of the International Leadership Programme for free?

Answer: Our aspiration is to remove any economic barriers to attending the programme so that talented emerging leaders who are working for global change can access our programmes regardless of their financial circumstances, and we are working towards this. If you would like to support this vision please donate here. We do not currently offer a bursary that covers 100% of the food and accommodation costs and ask all applicants to use their leadership skills in finding the resources to make a financial contribution (for example, many alumni have undertaken individual fundraising activities).