George O'Shaughnessy


Oxford, United Kingdom

12 years old at Donnington Middle School in Oxford is when I started my crusade to save the world. I made art eco books for Blue Peter, organised and took part in sponsored silents (me? yes me staying silent), cakes bought, cakes baked, cake sales and of course digging the wild life garden. Four years later I made it to sixth form, and with friends we formed an arts collective called artisjustaword, which holds the simple belief that everyone is creative. Ten years later this arts collective is now an NGO.

Everyone in this world has the right to explore their imagination, to play and to have an education. With 7.003 billion people in this world the population is growing and new challenges are facing us.

I attended the WYSE International ILP and connected with people from different cultures, with different backgrounds and languages. We worked together and I gathered the tools I personally need to continue this playful, colourful path of life that I am on. The ILP was incredibly humbling. I fell in love with 39 people. I recommend ILP for everyone.

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