International Leadership Programme 3

International Leadership Programme

We believe that every person has the potential for leadership.

Leadership is an expression of our willingness to engage in the issues and challenges we see around us. It is about finding creative solutions to local and global problems. It is about recognising our own potential and harnessing these qualities for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Our International Leadership Programmes take the form of a 12 day intensive training, where participants from many different cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds come together to form an international learning community.

The programme provides an opportunity to experiment with new models, creating a holistic view of the world we live in that is underpinned by the need for shared values and an awareness of our ultimate interconnection.

Content of our International Leadership Programmes includes:

  1. The development of a learning community that challenges our usual assumptions and inspires new thinking about the underlying causes of global problems.
  2. Tools and experiences for participants to uncover their potential through teamwork, inner reflection, physical activity, discussion, drama, writing, art and music.
  3. Sessions that help participants identify their guiding principles in order to gain a sense of purpose and life direction.
  4. An opportunity to develop an international network of people who wish to make a positive difference in the world.
  5. An emphasis on active global citizenship and the role of international organizations such as the United Nations.

Bursaries for International Programmes

As part of our efforts to include young people from diverse backgrounds, WYSE conducts a bursary scheme for its international programmes. As our programmes are heavily over-subscribed, the bursary scheme is competitive and only covers a proportion of the programme fee. Priority will be given to those who demonstrate that they are able to raise funds, for example by sponsorship from their own governments or educational bodies, as well as from private businesses and industry where appropriate. Under no conditions are travel expenses covered. Exceptional candidates are invited to contact the programme administrators to request a bursary application.

Regional Ambassadors

If you want to hear more about the programme, why not get in touch with a Regional Ambassador
Regional Ambassadors are people near you who have attended one or more WYSE programmes that will be happy to tell you about the programme and answer your questions.

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Participant stories

Stephan Allmendinger

Nationality: German
Living in: Munich
Programmes: ILP - 2010
ALP - 2010
Helper 2011, coming up 2012

My Name is Stephan Allmendinger. I am a doctor, working with seriously ill patients in a palliative care unit at the University Hospital in Munich, Germany.

3 Years ago I founded - together with good friends - a small non-profit organisation called "Medizin und Menschlichkeit" (engl.: medicine and humanness). Our vision was to create a competent space where medical students and young doctors can discuss, explore and set into practice topics like self-development, communication skills, empathy and spirituality. We believe there is a need to cultivate heart-centred skills, to include alongside the everyday medical reality. Hand in hand with the scientific knowledge and the technical expertise of western medicine, these 'human qualities' add a very important quality when working with people seeking help.

Our little group has grown to a small movement in the German-speaking countries: We organize workshops, seminars and once a year a six-day summer school for 40 participants from all over Germany and Austria. In this little time we have become a home for many like-minded people and we inspired others to form local groups in their towns.

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Programme stories

Impression of the Italy ILP 2014

IMG 0809
This summer we returned once again to the beautiful Villa Boccella in Tuscany, Italy, to run our flagship International Leadership Programme for emerging leaders seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their unique contribution to the world. Over the 12 day residential we co-created a learning community of 32 participants from 19 countries, and an international staff team who were inspired to give their time and skills on a pro-bono basis.

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Support us

You can support the future of our global community by sponsoring a participant and helping them develop the capacity to realise their dream of making a difference.

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