The January Meeting 2013

belle 085 - CopyThe January meeting this year was a huge success, with people coming from around Europe and even as far as Egypt (welcome Suzie!). We trialed the idea of Saturday being a 'community' day and the Sunday being a 'working' day.
On the 'community' day, people  requested that they really enjoyed spending the time together, focussing on their personal plans and enjoying the reconnection with the WYSE approach. On the 'working' day, we focussed on three projects:
  1. The collection of Alumni stories for promotional progress.
  2. The development and scoping of our cutting edge online leadership offering - Leaderwiki, which will provide leadership resources to engaging leadership all over the planet; and
  3. Alumni Online Support Programme, that is being built to create leadership mechanisms to support Alumni from each programme to reflect on their experiences of the ILP, integrate their learning from the programme and support how they return to their everyday environments.

A new service project from WYSE

Look out for an exciting new resource for emerging leaders!

WYSE is creating an online resource for anyone interested in learning about leadership and how they can apply tools and approaches to their own work. This website will work in the same way as Wikipedia – anyone will be able to edit and add their own leadership resources.

Our vision is for this site to be a major resource for anyone trying to make a positive contribution in their community, and a great way for WYSE to support even more emerging leaders.

We are currently building the structure and testing the site with the WYSE Ambassadors - look out for more updates in the next newsletter when we will be pleased to share the link and open up the site for your contributions!

Reflecting on 2012

sunsetAs we draw to the close of another year, we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you a few of the highlights of our year in WYSE and to wish you a very happy and productive year going forward.

We have held a series of amazing programmes this year; January an ILP in Brazil, August the ILP in Italy, the WYSE elders programme in September and then a fantastic advanced programme in October. We can also celebrate a very positive completion report from the European Union from our European programme from last year. All of us at WYSE are continuously amazed by the incredible energy and good will of the emerging leaders who are drawn to our programmes who are drawn to the programmes and their incredible visions for the future and their courageous actions for their own development and in contributing to their organisations.

An interview with one of our new Regional Ambassadors

The Regional Ambassador Program is now in its second year. Ambassadors are WYSE alumni who volunteer their time to represent WYSE in their local areas, recruit new participants and spread the word about WYSE. In this article, Amanda Harry, Regional Ambassador Program Coordinator, interviews one of our new Ambassadors Marina Triner from Israel.

Marina TrinerAmanda: Hi Marina! We are really pleased to have you on board as our newest WYSE Regional Ambassador! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Marina: I am extremely excited to be on board! I am currently living in Jerusalem, am originally from Ukraine, but grew up both in Israel and San Diego, California. I am finishing a Masters in Political Science and Gender Studies, and am working with Arabs and Israelis on the human level to bridge the broken community around me.

Amanda: People hear about WYSE in many different ways, how did you hear about WYSE?

Marina: Like many participants, I heard about WYSE through a friend who participated a few years back. Her energy while speaking about the program convinced me, without knowing much information, that I must apply.

Participants talk - ILP Briavels 2011

briavelsWe are excited to announce the release of some very inspiring interviews taken during the International Leadership Programme which took place in St Briavels Castle from the 18th to the 29th of September 2011 and was funded by the EU programme Youth in Action.

The programme, titled "Taking vision to action - Inspiring leadership in the volunteering youth field", was a 10 day training programme designed to engage and inspire emerging young leaders, volunteers, educators and youth workers. Focal points were the exploration of  potential, getting in touch with vision and converting these into positive action for the benefit of society.