Poem 'I am it'

I am It (by me)

I am the hero, the household, the brothers and the quest.
I am the magic numbers.
I am the wise man, the magic carpet, the king, the queen and the evil stepmother.
I am the light in the dark. I am the narrator and the creator.
I am the mist that hides the path, the thorns that cover the castle and the poison that makes the princess sleep.

I am the princess and I am the frog. I am the poor and the rich.
I am the princess who has everything but wants more. I am the poor kid who has nothing and needs less.
I am the shepherd who leads his sheep with complete trust in the sheeps' ability to find the way.
I am the hidden treasure and I am the map. I am the wayfarer and the guide who takes me where I need to go.
I am the forest of wonder, the genie and the lamp. I am the unexplored depths and the heavens that reaches into eternity.
I am the circle and the square.
I am earth.
I am air.
I am water.
I am fire.
I am alive. I am It.

- Thomas Siggaard Andersen -