Supporting our alumni to increase their leadership impact through coaching

Our Coaching Programme creates a massive increase in the value offered by the ILP and multiplies the impact of our work considerably. All alumni of the International Leadership Programme are able to access a professional coaching service from our international faculty of coaches. The three key areas the coaching is designed to support participants with are:

1) integration and embedding of their insights about leadership and how to translate this into action that creates social change

2) further focus on specific leadership concepts addressed at the ILP to support application and ongoing learning

3) creating a bigger social impact through delivering a project that supports their local or global community


"After 6 months of coaching, I have made great improvements in setting clear, realistically timed goals and motivating myself to work towards them. I have improved my emotional intelligence and am now more skilled at seeing things from an outside view and communicating how I feel. When I first decided to take coaching sessions I was unaware of how much it could add to my life, I was surprised to see so much progress in 6 sessions."   

Ghadeer, Kuwait