Our Approach

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The way we educate the youth and leaders of tomorrow must also change,
we must seize the moment to liberate and mobilize minds to face these challenges with strength and purpose.
(Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General)


WYSE encourages people to understand and believe in their own potential, to see the potential in others, and to work with others in ways that help everyone fully express their best qualities.


WYSE creates opportunities for people to learn through experiences and to express themselves through a diversity of modalities. For example, our programmes contain elements of team-building, physical activity, discussion, drama, writing, art and music, as well as more traditional adult learning techniques.


Our programmes focus on inspiring participants to explore new ways of thinking in order to create new models of possibility and responsibility for themselves and for the world we share. We believe that understanding the creative process can assist people to develop innovative solutions for local and global challenges.


WYSE creates an environment where participants are supported, encouraged and inspired to fundamentally challenge themselves and to take courageous leaps in attaining their leadership and development goals.

Global citizenship

We aim to help people to discover and realise that what they do in their own communities affects people in other parts of the world. We believe that we need to develop a more holistic view of what is happening on this planet and understand that all life is mutually interdependent.

Values based

WYSE uses a values-based approach, which means we focus on helping people to identify the guiding principles that they use to make positive life choices. Over the years we have found that young people all over the world share common concerns about issues such as sustainability, human rights, education, equity, health, peace, and security.

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